Come and say hello to the world my beloved.

I finally got a chance to take a bunch of pretty pictures of my herbs and plants. YAY! 

Come and say hello to them~ ❤
That’s the whole family. They love the sunlight ❤
The baby’s breath didn’t make it :[ It’s all wilted and I’m all sad because of it. ; – ;   

Yea, just finished a photoshoot with loocakes and OMG it was so much fun xD I had so much fun putting on kimonos on everyone :] So much fun! So much fun! I want to do it again! Felicia and Jenny were so pretty and sexy while posing~! I wish I were like them ; – ; They’re so photogenic and I looks like a boy T___T Must remember to post some of the pics here.
Lately I’ve been starting to realize I have so little time, even though I am waking up earlier and earlier each day ._. I don’t ever really get a chance to really sleep in anymore. Only on Sundays of course, but then I’m dragged out of bed and forced to go grocery shopping with mum once in a while. lol. I’m glad my dad is coming back from China this Sunday, cuz my mum seems so lonely without him :[ My grandma is the same, since Grandpa went to China for like… 3 months and is still not back, she’s ben coming over almost everyday to just clean or cook. :[ Man… 
Anyways! I want to baked Vanilla cupcakes… But I have no one to feed them to for the next few days.. Guess I’ll wait til another day :]

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