Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Tarts

Instead of baking pastry puffs like I was suppose to at first, I made weird lil pastries  that looked like macaroons with vanilla filling and a slice of strawberry. Wish I had more time to actually carve out strawberry roses, like how my coworker taught me once at work. But, alas, life is busy and friends only have a certain amount of time which can limit one to work with what comes first to mind. I’ll try it again in the weeks to follow, I guess.
Pastries turned out REALLY WEIRD. The strawberries were nice and ripe-ish, even though they weren’t in season. :[ The pastry dough turned out fine, since I had an hour to put it into the fridge so it can rest for an hour while I went to the dentist’s [might pull my wisdom tooth out, ouchies ; A ;] Screwed up the filling 2 times… I’m so disappointed in myself. The first time I read the wrong recipe and made CHOUX PASTRY instead! The second time, when I taste tested it, it taste sour… Like…. what the fuck? Found out in a few minutes of much confusion that my mom mixed the sugar and the salt in the same canister because my grandma felt like cleaning the kitchen one day… And mixed up the canisters. ( T A T ) So then I had the privilege to go out into my backyard to secretly bury it into the soil. ._. Hope it’s not bad for the earth…
Strawberry Tarts

Strawberry Tarts

Fresh Strawberries!

Fresh Strawberries!

“]Inside the pastry. :]

Inside the pastry. :

Pastry bits.

Pastry bits.


Little pastry bits from leftover dough. Suppose to be flowers, but turned into little stars instead. Yummy nonetheless. 
Note: The 20 bus should be smited. Always late and the bus drivers slack off like crazy just because of a little bit of snow. The people will freeze by the time it comes.
Most interesting conversation today:
Felicia: See! Firemen always makes everything come!
Me: O_O! Like you? ;O Hahahahaha!
Felicia: *blush* !!!!!! 
Haha, couldn’t resist. 😀

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