Firstly, I need to rant about how awesome the Olympics were. I was so worried that the city was going to be torn into smitherines! But the tourists were kind, and gentle on our little city called Vancouver. Sure it got more crowded but people from around the world sure are interesting. A whole lot of people came here to do street performances and such, and a new huge group of eye candy of course! [Right, fishy? 8D tee!]  Didn’t get to actually see any of the games live, but I did go to many live music performances. Saw Same Roberts [Security took my beloved wine opener ; A ; ‘Cuz I can totally be a killer with a dinky thing like that! Most I can do is give someone a really big paper cut.] The band was awesome, they sound much better live :).

This is the crowd after Canada won the Hockey Game! 😀

One of the many street performers in Downtown~
Haha love the kid in the background holding up the Go Canada poster XD


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