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Protected: Blushing Fishie’s birthday <3

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7 dollars for our retarded photos. 50 cents for a failed game of guitar at the arcade. Spent time together = priceless <3

So me and the girls went to Richmond on Saturday ‘cuz somebody wanted to see her beloved at McD’s D8 So to kill time we took a bunch of sticky pictures at Abredeene mall 8D


4 My favourite out of all of them <3.



I love you two waaaaay too much. Hence my retarded faces 8D.

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Come this way.

Yay for ghetto photoshoots! 😀 Haha man I was so tired when we finished. I could barely keep my eyes open at work this morning. :[ Like I promised I shall post pictures! 😀

These were all taken in my living room…. Believe it or not. LOL


I look so lost! ; A ;!!!!!

I look so lost! ; A ;!!!!!

Me and Felicia <3
Me and Felicia ❤
Jenny K.
Jenny K.
Felicia J.
Felicia J.
Me.. No... Don't look... ; A ;
Me.. No… Don’t look… ; A ;
Jenny K.
Jenny K.
behind the scenes!
behind the scenes!


I’m really sorry if the pictures are huge D:

The reasons why the pictures are so pretty was because our lovely photographer Loocakes used her magical pixie powers on them!!! >:] Check her out at:

—><— [shameless advertisement] 8D Every picture belongs rightfully to her kthanx.

And as you can see by the behind the scenes picture, going outside proved to be useless, because I jumped every time a car drove by and there were puppies. I love puppies <3.


Tomorrow I’m making a Red Velvet cake for my friends, since they’re studying so hard for their exams! And it seems everyone is making one nowadays… >: I feel left out. </3

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