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It’s a date!

Quatchi woke up today and groomed himself properly, for he was going to meet with a pretty lady later today for a breakfast date!

Quatchi arrives 10 minutes earlier than planned. He needed to calm his beating heart before his date arrives. Making sure his hair and earmuffs [It was darn cold outside!] looked okay before having to be presented to the pretty date of his.

Soon enough, his date arrives! She got so excited that she just sat right next to him! Oh dear! Poor Quatchi got squished into the wall. Silly of the pretty little girl, she quickly apologized and sat in the seat across from Quatchi. Quatchi’s heart just fluttered even more knowing she was just as happy as himself.

“What will I eat?” Quatchi asked himself. Of course eggs and hash browns! Yummy!

Quatchi’s eyes lit up with happiness when food finally arrived. Time to eat! Both chatted away idly over small subjects: the weather, how good the food is, why Quatchi has a miniature version of himself keychained form on his backpack, world hunger, and just how embarrassed they were of the Japanese scientist who invented the flea bomb.

Time just flew by for the both of them and they had to leave the little cafe and go on with their date at the park.

Quatchi was not blessed with long legs so he ended up getting some help as they board the skytrain. The pretty lady didn’t mind at all. 🙂



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I sneezed.



I’m a big fan of C&H. Oh fish. How lame we are.

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